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:: Tony Tang Productions Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions of Tony Tang ProductionsWhat follows is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) of Tony Tang Productions.  If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact us via e-mail or telephone at the address or number listed at the bottom of the page.

Where is Tony Tang Productions located?

We operate our business out of our home office and studio facilities.  The studio is conveniently located in a north suburb of Chicago, IL, not far from the expressway.  If you need our mailing address, please contact us directly.

Where can I see samples work by Tony Tang Productions?

Because we offer such a wide variety of services and prefer to work on a personal basis, please contact us to discuss the type of service you would like.  We would be more than happy to point you to sample work or send you a high-quality demonstration on DVD (if appropriate).

What type of sound mixing and mastering equipment does Tony Tang Productions use?

For mixing and mastering services, we use computer-based digital audio workstations capable of recording and playback in 24-bit resolution and 48khz sampling frequency.  Because our multitrack system is computer-based, we have a virtually unlimited number of track playback capability. 

For effects processing, we have dedicated effects hardware processors that were designed to precisely reproduce vintage audio equipment.  The result is warm, analog-sounding effects with the convenience of digital processing. 

Our 5.1-channel surround sound monitoring components are THX-pm3 certified, which means that we are able to hear and adjust every nuance in your sound.

What type of video production equipment does Tony Tang Productions use?

To shoot high-quality video, we employ 3-CCD (also known as 3-chip) digital video cameras.  3-CCD cameras are able to more accurately separate the individual red, green, and blue components of light, which gives a sharper overall picture than most consumer-grade camcorders. 

Video and audio recorded on our digital cameras is transferred digitally (without any loss in quality) to our non-linear video workstations.  Our video workstations are both PC and PowerMac based, which allows us to have the greatest flexibility to work on both platforms.  The programs we use are the best in the industry and are the same Emmy Award-Winning tools used to produce network television shows and feature films.  On our workstations, we also have a large palette of computer graphics capabilities for effects, compositing, titles, etc. 

To author the DVD video, we use the same authoring software used to produce commercial DVD's.  In other words, we can produce DVD's with animated menus, menu transitions, interactive games, multiple video angles, multiple audio languages, director's commentary, multiple-language subtitles, standard or widescreen video, copyright management, parental restrictions, region encoding, supplemental DVD-ROM computer content, and almost anything else you can imagine.


For more information about Tony Tang Productions, please contact us through e-mail or telephone.