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:: Tony Tang DVD Video Transfer Production

Just as being able to afford a brush, canvas, and paint would not necessarily mean that you could paint great works of art, affordable DVD creation equipment does not give you the instant ability to create Hollywood-quality DVD's.  You might just end up with a "paint-by-numbers" DVD with mediocre sound and picture.

Transfer VHS tape to DVD video discs.  Preserve your home movies and video memories on a lasting media like DVD. 

Don't wait until your videos have degraded beyond repair!

We have over 12 years of traditional non-digital as well as newer digital video and audio equipment experience.  The experience allows us to produce high quality sound and picture when working with DVD video. 

DVD video has become the new standard in video media distribution.

Although many "affordable" tools may exist or appear for creation your own DVD's, the fact is that good video editing and DVD authoring still takes time and skill.

Call us to learn more about our affordable DVD Transfer and Production services.  Preserve your video memories now before they are lost forever.

We currently accept the following source video tape formats:

  • VHS to DVD
  • S-VHS to DVD
  • VHS-C to DVD
  • 8mm to DVD
  • Hi8 to DVD
  • Digital8 to DVD
  • MiniDV to DVD


Source tapes should be in the NTSC video format, and we can provide DVD in either NTSC or PAL video format.