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:: School Graduation Video DVD Production

We provide professional quality graduation video DVD recording and production services to...

  • Grade schools;
  • Middle and junior high schools;
  • High schools; and
  • Universities and colleges affordable prices.

If you are a parent or faculty responsible for planning your school's graduation ceremony, learn why you should choose Tony Tang Productions and how you can employ our services for FREE!

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Parents and Students, order a copy of your graduation video here...

The Tony Tang Productions Difference...

We do not use low-end consumer camcorders!Professional Cameras - We use a minimum of two professional quality 3CCD digital video cameras to capture every school graduation event, and we will use additional professional-grade video cameras to cover the event as necessary.  With these cameras and our professional color correction, we ensure that your graduation video has accurate and crisp color reproduction.  In addition, we have heavy duty tripods that allow us to produce steady long-range shots with silky smooth camera moves.

Steadicam stabilization systemSteadicam Option - One of our most unique video production features is the Steadicam camera stabilization system.  The camera floats on a titanium spring support arm that is attached to a heavy duty vest worn by the Steadicam operator.  The Steadicam system allows the camera operator to be completely mobile and move about during recording.  The resulting video is as smooth as using a camera mounted to a dolly with tracks but without the hassle of setting up track rails everywhere.  The operator can walk through doorways and up and down stairs.  The Steadicam eliminates shakiness caused by handheld camera operation.  We will use this option for before or after video scenes.

Professional Sound - We not only use the same professional $1000+ "shotgun" microphones used by Hollywood filmmakers, but we also use true diversity UHF wireless microphone systems.  These wireless systems allow us to...

  • Place microphones discretely;
  • Split audio feeds from "house" sound;
  • Produce superior sound recordings vs. on-camera microphones; and
  • Avoid dropouts caused by wireless interference during critical events.

The Videographers AwardsAward-Winning Editing - Your video will be edited by Tony Tang, an award-winning special events documentary editor who specializes in and has been producing graduation videos for over a decade.  Tang also has classical and jazz musical training, which allows him to make smart musical editing decisions unlike many video editors.  A variety of video editing options are available to you, including...

  • Opening and closing video montages;
  • Photo slideshow montages; and
  • Additional documentary and musical segments. 

Each video is crafted specifically to fit the school and graduating class.

Single Black DVD CaseProfessional DVD Package - Your video quality and longevity is only as good as the DVD media it is recorded on.  For this reason, we use high quality DVD recordable media and direct-print labeling technology to ensure that your DVD lasts for many years.  Because we do not use paper labels on your DVDs, your memories are not susceptible to poorly affixed paper labels or peeling.  Our DVD packages give you full color printing on the DVD face as well as the DVD cover insert in our professional DVD keep case like the ones used for commercial DVDs.  We produce beautiful, long-lasting DVD packages.

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