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:: Free School Graduation Video DVD Production

Who is eligible for FREE graduation video services?

We are pleased to offer grade schools, middle and junior high school, high schools, and colleges and universities of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan free graduation video DVD production services based on our crew and equipment availability*.  Because May and June are busy months for graduation, we recommend that you apply as early as possible!

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What services are provided?

We provide announcement and DVD ordering flyers to your school 1-2 months before the ceremony and also at the ceremony.  DVDs can be ordered via mail or online.  We will bring our best production crew and equipment to your school to record the graduation video free of charge.  About 1-2 months later, professionally edited and printed DVD videos will be shipped directly to students and families.

Almost no work is required by the school except for assistance in distributing announcement flyers to students and families.  We handle...

  • Printing of announcement and ordering flyers;
  • Customer service via phone and e-mail;
  • Order and payment processing; and
  • Packaging and shipment of DVDs. 

Complimentary DVD copies will be provided to the school for archival purposes.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Not only do we offer professional graduation video production services free of charge, but we also offer a satisfaction guarantee to anyone who orders a graduation DVD.  If we fail to capture a close-up of your son or daughter receiving his or her diploma during the ceremony, we will refund your money and you get to keep the DVD! 

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When should I apply?

If you are a school faculty or parent in charge of organization your school's graduation ceremony, please call us as soon as possible to hold your graduation date even if you are undecided.  As long as you have a set date and time, we can hold it for you. 

Many school graduation dates overlap.  We only book one graduation per day, and we only use our best "A" crew for these events.  So please call or e-mail as soon as you have a date for your graduation ceremony.  There is no fee to hold a date.

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How do I apply?

Please e-mail us, call us, or submit this form with the information below.

E-mail Us: Video Contact E-mail Address 
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Application Form for FREE Graduation Video Production Services

School Name (required)

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School City, State (required)

Date of Graduation Ceremony (required)
Time of Graduation Ceremony (can be approximate)

Your Name (required)

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Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours.  You will not be charged any fee to hold a graduation date, but we may cancel your application if we cannot reach you within 3 business days.  Please be sure your contact information is accurate and click the APPLY NOW button below.

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*Schools greater than 100 miles from Chicago, Illinois may be asked to provide transportation reimbursement depending on school's graduating class size.