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:: School Sports Video DVD Production

Tony Tang Productions SportsWe provide professional quality sports video DVD recording and production services to...

  • Grade schools;
  • Middle and junior high schools;
  • High schools; and
  • Universities and colleges affordable prices. 

If you are a coach, parent, or faculty member responsible for one or more of your school's sports or athletics programs, learn why you should choose Tony Tang Productions for your team!

Call or e-mail us find out how we can provide athletic sports video recording services for as little as $50 per game!

The Tony Tang Productions Difference...

Sports-Grade Cameras - We use at least two professional quality 3CCD digital video cameras to capture every school sporting event, and we will use additional professional-grade video cameras to cover the event as necessary.  With these cameras and our professional color correction, we ensure that your game video has accurate and crisp color reproduction.  In addition, we have heavy duty tripods that allow us to produce steady long-range shots with silky smooth camera moves to follow all the exciting action.

Tony Tang Productions Sports Video Still Frame Sample
Actual sample video still frame from evening soccer game
Please note, this image has been compressed in size and quality from the original high-quality video.  Notice how we can superimpose a live scoreboard in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  Also notice how the 16:9 widescreen frame of view lets you see more of the action.

Single Black DVD CaseInstant Game DVD - Do you want a DVD of the game immediately after it's over?  Our instant game DVD technology allows us to hand you an uncut game DVD immediately following the game.  You don't have to wait for tape to DVD transfer or editing.  You can bring home the game DVD and watch it the same night!

Professional Sound - We use the same professional $1000+ "shotgun" microphones used by Hollywood filmmakers, and we also use true diversity UHF wireless microphone systems.  These wireless systems allow us to...

  • Place microphones discretely;
  • Record audio feeds from the stadium or announcer sound booth to video; and
  • Avoid dropouts caused by wireless interference during critical events.

If you already have an adult or student sports commentator or announcer at your games, we can use our wireless audio system to record his or her commentary directly to the game video on a separate track!

Game Podcast - Do parents and students wish they could watch the athletic games they missed?  We now offer podcasting services for recorded athletic games.  We will encode and upload the entire game as a podcast that can be viewed on a computer or downloaded to a portable media player, such as a video iPod.  Parents can then watch the exciting moments that their sons or daughters created.  Fellow students can watch their classmates in action.  Podcasting is an exclusive service that we provide to our clients.

Steadicam stabilization systemSteadicam Option - One of our most unique video production features is the Steadicam camera stabilization system.  The camera floats on a titanium spring support arm that is attached to a heavy duty vest worn by the Steadicam operator.  The Steadicam system allows the camera operator to be completely mobile and move about during recording.  The resulting video is as smooth as using a camera mounted to a dolly with tracks but without the hassle of setting up track rails everywhere.  The operator can walk through doorways and up and down stairs.  The Steadicam eliminates shakiness caused by handheld camera operation.  Steadicam for sports is best used from the sidelines or before and after the game to capture exciting team moments.

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