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:: Tony Tang Productions Domain Name Registration

Web Services, Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, and Web Design

We can help you acquire an Internet domain name registration identity like "". 

Register It

If you wish to have a professional personalized Web site and e-mail address, you need to register a domain name.  This is where we can help out at just $25/year.

Keep It

Once you obtain a domain name, you need to maintain the domain name registration.  The domain name is registered on an annual basis.  Although you can register the name for several years at once, it is very important to pay the registration fees on time.  Otherwise, you might lose your Internet identity.  All domain names registered and transferred to us are automatically monitored and renewed for the nominal $25/year fee.

Switch It

If you decide to upgrade or transfer your Web site hosting service to a different company, you will need to change the name server addresses in your domain name registration form.  Changing the name servers can be confusing and cause major problems with your Web site and e-mail if done improperly.  For this reason, we also include switching service with the $25/year domain name registration fee.  We offer to update your domain name registration information up to once per year without additional fees.

Redirect It

Some customers like to maintain multiple domain name identities.  But having multiple domain names doesn't necessarily mean that you have to pay for multiple Web site hosting charges!  We offer a domain name redirection service for an additional $15/year.  Any domain names registered or transferred to our registration service qualify for this domain name redirection service.  With this service, you can point all your domain names to a single Web server and pay only one Web site hosting fee instead of multiple fees.