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:: Tony Tang Productions Audio & Video Wedding Favors

Looking for a wedding favor idea?  We offer several suggestions and services to help you create the perfect wedding favor for your guests to take home from your special day. 

Because we specialize in video and multimedia production, we are able to offer you exclusive and personalized video- or audio-based favors in both DVD and CD formats.  As you may be aware, these formats are quite economical and inexpensive to make in larger quantities.

DDD - All Digital ProcessingAudio CD Wedding Favor

Thank your guests for coming to your wedding and give them a special audio memory.  We can help you create a custom audio CD that can include voices from the bride and groom, friends, family, and relatives.  If you prefer, we can also help you assemble a custom music CD including your personal selections of your favorite songs. 

We will also design a custom jewel case cover and CD face with photographs that you may choose to provide.  All CDs and jewel cases are fully assembled.  If you wish to use music on your CD, we ask that you provide the music on CD and handle all licensing for the use of the music yourself. 

Quantity discounts are available.

ContentsLengthBase CDsBase PriceAdditional 20 CDs
AudioUp to 74 minutes50 Please call for personal consulting and rates.$50 + S/H

DDD - All Digital ProcessingDVD VideoDolby Digital - Industry Standard Audio EncodingVideo DVD Wedding Favor

Do you have home movies and videos or picture photographs and slides that haven't been seen since you recorded or took them ages ago?  We can help you create a montage of the best of your home video clips and and photos by editing them on a DVD with your favorite music.  We will create a video that celebrates your lives by intertwining chronological scenes from both the bride's and the groom's home videos and pictures. 

You can also show off your Video DVD Wedding Favor at your reception on a TV or large video projection screen.  Some couples use a small combination TV/DVD set and play the video DVD at the sign-in table, making an interesting welcome video for your guests to see.  This video showcase and wedding favor combination is a great value, and it completes both your reception playback video and wedding favors all at once.

Video DVD Wedding Favors come with custom DVD face label and full-size keep case cover design.  Your photographs can be used on both the cover and DVD.  All designs are full-color photo-quality prints.

We accept home videos in these formats: DVD, MiniDV, Digital8, Hi8, 8mm, and VHS.
We accept music on audio CD, DAT, or cassette tape.  Extra charges apply for cassette tapes.
We accept photographs with no extra charge in these sizes: 3-inch x 5-inch and 4-inch x 6-inch
We will accept photographs in other sizes with an extra handling charge of $2 per photograph.

Quantity discounts are available.

ContentsLengthBase DVDsBase PriceAdditional 20 DVDs
VideoUp to 60 minutes50 Please call for personal consulting and rates.$80 + S/H

Custom video recording and production is also available if you wish to have us record new material for your video DVD wedding favor.  Additional fees will apply for custom video production.