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Our Approach:

Good ideas start with a single person, and with the right team you can make it into something great. Our creation process lets ideas flow freely no matter how crazy they may seem. After all, breakthroughs come when you try something that nobody else has dared and succeeded before. Then our editing process is where we bring everything back into focus on the end goal and make cuts. Much like a sculptor chiseling away at a statue, you know you are done when there is nothing else to remove. Only then are your left with the simplicity and purest expression of your original idea.

Our Story

"It actually started with the web," says founder and president Tony Tang. It was the dot-com era, and everyone was rushing to the web create web sites. Video streaming was new at the time, and Tang helped pioneer special events online video streaming. "We take it for granted today that we carry a live streaming studio in our pockets. Anyone with a smartphone can start streaming live within seconds to the entire world," says Tang. Online streaming required a lot more equipment and resources 20 years ago when Tang started streaming live music concerts. Today Tony Tang Productions is helping its clients stream live to the most popular social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter's Periscope.

From there the business expanded into sports video analysis to give coaches and their teams a competitive edge to win state, Big Ten, and NCAA championships. Big Ten Universities retained Tang to provide sport video analysis and live replay services during games using handheld tablets.

Corporate clients also approached Tang to bring their ideas to life on the screen in a way that only he could. He helped combine storytelling, visuals and music together into a cohesive piece that could entertain while also delivering a message.

Next Steps...

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